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Star Trek: TNG in Two Minutes

by Adam Sakellarides

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How good a security officer could you be
if you're dead, Natasha Yar?

Wharf is a warrior
he battles things for fun

Geordi LaForge's engineering problem is it'll take ten minutes to fix it
Picard says, "Great, you've got five."

Q can travel through time and space very far;
But his favorite thing of all is to screw with Picard

Sick Bay is always full,
'cause everybody wants to hit on Dr. Crusher

Captain Picard is brave and gracious
and he knows what needs to be done
Riker's still bitter about the fact
that asshole should have left after season one

Deanna Troi is fifty percent psychic
and she know that you're a perv

Data displays no emotions and cannot talk to people
He's the character people with social anxiety can relate to

Some people think Commander Riker will make love to anything
but they're wrong:
It needs to have a hole, first

Shut up, Wesley / Shut up, Wesley
Now's the time to take your bow
Shut up, Wesley / Shut up, Wesley
The adults are talking now

And that's TNG


released March 5, 2014


all rights reserved



Adam Sakellarides Los Angeles, California

A native southern-Californian, Adam started writing songs on an old guitar from the 70s that his parents won in a raffle. He sings about love, science, politics, socially awkward people, and things like that. Now armed with witty lyrics, catchy melodies, and a bunch of mediocre jokes, he's ready to entertain you. ... more

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